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I would like to introduce you to Steeve Betsy the Director and co founder of the Northfield group.


Northfield have an impeccable track record working to improve the homes of people in Hampshire, Bournemouth and Dorset, all the way up to London.


The type and scope of the projects he works on are detailed here on our website. By the way… I do the interior and landscape design, with a real passion and a great eye for what would work for you and your home.


Before I say anymore, I want to emphasise the importance of “local” and “track record”, because today you can’t be too careful. You really need to know whom you are dealing with and that they are more than capable of doing the work that’s required. Being local to you, means that both Steeve and I have to have a sound, solid and reliable reputation.  Without this no one in this trade can survive for very long in this competitive world we now live in and of course bad news travels fast.


We set up this team to bring our combined skills together. To raise the standards to higher levels than expected. Steeve is fussier than anyone when it comes to completed projects and I love to transform the look of homes and gardens.


To that end, please take a look through our pages and read some of our client comments from recent assignments we’ve done. Should you wish to contact any of these people, please call and I’d be more than happy to put you in touch with them. In fact you may even know some of them. Good news always travels fast.


Now that I’ve introduced Northfield Property Solutions Ltd and Emma Jane Interiors, all that’s left to say is… if you are considering any type of home improvements either one of us would be glad to offer you our free advice.


Combined, we have over 20 years experience, so we’ve seen most situations. Steeve usually uncovers problems or glitches you may be unaware of, saving you both time and money and I usually come up with ideas that you may not have thought about. If you’d like to find out about the costs involved we’d be able to help there as well.


Usually it’s best to call us during office hours, but one of us could come and see you after work or at the weekend if that’s better for you. Our number is 01425 483964 and we look forward to hearing from you or perhaps, one of your friends.


Northfield Property Solutions, Building a reputation.


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a very reasonable quote and outstanding references there was no need to look any further. Steeve provided superb guidance and project management throughout

Kay & Chris Knight (Ringwood)

I always found them to be courteous, pleasant and professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone

Susan Lane (The Walled Garden)

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